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Troy Medicare is a $0/month Medicare plan with $0 prescription copays at independent pharmacies.

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Why Troy Medicare?

One Simple Plan

Troy replaces the confusion of many GOLD PLUS, PREMIER, VALUE plan options with one simple plan option: Troy.

$0 Generics

Troy empowers local, independent pharmacies with technology (Troy.AI) that ensures all members receive the lowest price.

$0 Doctor Visits

Troy members can see a specialist as well as primary care provider for FREE. No referral is needed for specialists.

Troy Medicare has created a hassle-free Medicare Advantage plan that has comprehensive coverage and is easy to understand:

What we are:

  • $0 Premium
  • $0 Deductible
  • $0 Copays for PCP visits
  • $0 Copays for Specialist visits (Referrals not Required!)
  • $0 Urgent Care
  • $0 Generics from Preferred Pharmacies
  • $3,000 Routine Dental Benefit
  • $750 Routine Hearing Benefit
  • $250 Routine Vision Benefit
  • Gym Membership Reimbursement
  • Also includes up to $2,200 in OTC, Food, and Utility Benefits

Our plan

  • Hearing Benefits

  • OTC Benefits

  • Dental Benefits

  • Vision Benefits

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